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Importance of Advanced Labelling Machines in Packaging Industries

Labeling machines for pharmaceutical and other industry

Labeling plays a very crucial role in the pharmaceutical and other industries. Companies are bound by laws to have clear, well defined and easy to read instructions on how to use their products, warnings on the dangers of misusing their products as well as expiry and sell by dates that are easy to see. Good labeling will differentiate a product from its competitors, increases attractiveness, and gives it a unique identity. As a result of this, the pharmaceutical companies have to be very careful as to the labeling machines they use. There are many types of labeling machines for such industries, including the wet glue labeling machine, the sticker (self-adhesive) labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, wrap around sticker labeling machine, back and top application sticker labeling machine as well as other types in the market.

Wet glue labeling machine, sticker (self-adhesive) labeling machine and other types of labellers

The wet glue labeling machine uses wet glue to bind the label on to the product and its package. It can be either semi-automatic or automatic, and is best for labeling vials, bottles and flat bottles. Advantages of the wet glue labeling machine are that it is cheap, easy to use and the automatic choice will label thousands of products in a day at a low cost, hence is more efficient and affordable. The self-adhesive labeling machine is a more expensive machine than the wet glue machine, and it is more suited for small vials and bottles that are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It does most of the labeling automatically, is easy to use and clean since the self-adhesive tape is efficient and not messy. It is the best kind of labeling machine for products that use stickers for labeling. Another type of labeling machine is the top side labeling machine, which is a good type for products whose labels is needed to be on top of the machine. To Know more about labelling machines Click Here.

Importance of labeling machines in packaging industries

Labeling machines are important because they are used in packaging industries to impart important information about the product located within the container. Such information may include how to use the product, the best way to transport it in a safe and secure manner, how to recycle it, dispose of the container after using, as well as how to track and trace the products. Good labeling is required by many governments so as to ensure the public at large has important information about these products. Labeling is also very important to the packaging industry because it is used for marketing. A well designed, well placed and easy to read label can be a potential draw towards new customers to purchase the product. Labeling is also important when the products are being shipped to their customers, either by train, air, road or rail. This is important because it will ensure that the product reaches its owner, and necessary information about its handling is passed on to all the agents and workers who will handle it throughout the shipping process.


Labeling machines are very important to the packaging industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry where proper labeling is required by law, as well as to impart important information for customers to be aware of, as well as for more efficient marketing. It is important to choose the labeling machine that is proper for your needs and specifications for the best results.